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Individual Youth Profile Assessment

Once referred, each youth participant will undergo an Individual Youth Profile Assessment, which will aim to provide each participant with an overall idea of what the participant’s strengths and weakness are.  This assessment will be the blueprint for creating and implementing the Individual Success Plan.  The assessment will consist of a number of questions which will probe the youth participant’s knowledge of social skills, emotional behavioral management, job skills, social skills, leisure awareness, and recreational interests and hobbies.

Individual Success Plan

Once the Individual Youth Profile Assessment is completed the S.P.A.D.E Program along with the youth participant will devise an Individual Success Plan which provides a schedule of recommended programs offered within the Multi-Purpose Center and a list of specified goals and objectives which will need to be successfully reached before completion of the program.  This individualized plan is an integral part of each youth participant’s successful transition out of the program and into the community as it serves as the script that must be mastered in order to ensure success independent from the program and its services once completed